This week, I noticed that my slipper socks that a friend had given me were wearing out. Nearly in holes in the heels. I knew that my friend had made them. I tried looking up a pattern and couldn’t find one that used the thickness of yarn that I had or one that I liked. Or one that I didn’t have to pay for. So here is the pattern I made up looking at the pair I already had.




Knitted Slipper Socks: For sizes 6-8


* Set of 4 double pointed knitting needles size US 7


* Crochet hook size doesn’t matter, as long as it roughly the same thickness as your knitting needles. I used a size 1/9 – 5.5mm

*Lion’s Brand Homespun Yarn. 1 Skein (Anything of similar thickness would work as well. But personally I love this yarn)


Cast on 28 stitches on two of your needles. Then distribute the stitches onto two other needles. 10 on two of them and 8 on the other.


Then join the together to work them in the round.


Knit 2 Pearl 2 Around. Knit until you have about 4”


Now, transfer the stitches from two needles evenly to the other till you have 14 stitches on one needle. Then knit only that needle. Knit till there is about 2 in.



Now, this part. . . The turning of the heel is what is considered the hardest part of making socks, but it is not too difficult. Take the end of your needle and pick up 8 stitches on either side of the heel piece. Hopefully you can see my marks.

edited pic



Knit one round


As you can see we are now stuck with an awful lot of stitches. So unless you are bigfoot. You are going to want to do this next step. Knit through the needle that has the heel section. The one at the bottom of the sock that has 14 stitches. Leave 14 stitches there. On the sides closest to the heel, Knit 1 Knit2together.



You want to only do this on the parts that I have marked. Don’t knit2together along what is going to be the top of the sock. Do this until you have 33 stitches total. If you have wider feet, you will want to do 35. If you have small feet like me, do 29 stitches.


It should look something like this. Give yourself a pat on the back and a hip hip hurray! You have officially turned a heel! For she’s a jolly good fellow! For she’s- okay, pardon my celebration. 


Continue knitting around in what is called a stockinet stitch. Just Knit no Pearl. Knit until you are about 2 in. from the tip of your toe.



Once you are within 2 in. of your toe, knit around once with Knit 4 Knit2together Pattern. Then knit about 10 more rows or until you are less than half an inch from the tip of your toes. Knit 3 Knit2together around once. Knit three more rows. Knit 2 Knit2together. Knit 2 more rows and you are ready to cast off.


Cut a tail about 12” long. Thread you crochet hook through the stitches on the needle and pull the tail through.



Do This with all three needles.


Turn the Sock inside out and pull the tail to the inside.


Pull your tail really tight, closing the circle. Using your crochet hook make a loop and tie a knot. Two if you want it to be super secure.


Pull the knots tight and trim the tale to about an inch and a half. Turn your sock right side out.


Drumroll please . . . TA—DA! Now go make another one! That’s the problem with socks, they kind of run in pairs. Smile




Hooray! Congratulations on making your own pair of slipper socks!


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