Hello Lovelies!

My little sister put on this outfit and asked me to do her hair! Her ensemble turned out quite gorgeous!



 I found this vintage dress at an Antique Market. I always tread lightly around vintage clothes because they tend to be expensive and I don’t want to get my heart strings wrapped around a vintage piece if it is out of my price range. I didn’t see a price so I asked the woman how much they were. she told me $5 a piece or if I get more than one to make her an offer. I about swooned but hid it under a façade of professionalism. “ok, thank you I said” while I jumped up and down inside my head. I picked out three lovely dresses, not really caring if they fit me or not, my little sisters are smaller and I knew one of them would love them. I got all three for $10! Major Vintage Find I must say! #score




When Lil’ Sis asked me to do her hair I did it in a full messy bun on top of her head. It looked a little fly away so I went to my scarf rack and immediately spied this beauty! The peacock blue matched perfectly! And the perky bow is so adorable!





The embroidery on this piece is so pretty! With burgundy, mustard and Olive flowers and stems! With the fall like colors, I can easily see her wearing this in the fall with a cardigan and tights and boots.



The dress has a bit of an issue. the cut of the bodice is kind of funny and the gores did not come out quite right. So she had to wear something over it. She pulled my new sleeveless light chambray top out of the closet and loved how it worked. The tie in the front makes the outfit look even more vintage in my opinion. And I love the lace back! Swoon!


Overall, she was super happy with her outfit, and the whole thing cost less than $10! Can’t beat that my friends!


Outfit Overview:

Dress: Vintage find $3.33

 Tied Blouse: $2

Vintage Scarf: $5

Flip-Flops: hand me down


What do you love about this dress? Have you ever found an UNBELIEVABLE steal while shopping?