So, I am here to discuss a rather somber topic. This year is my first presidential election. The excitement of finally being old enough to place a vote and use my voice in the making of my country has been extremely dampened because of the options that are before us. My parade has been rained on and my bubble burst. Based on the beliefs of the main party candidates, I can’t morally vote for either. I wanted to encourage you that if you are feeling the same way I am, that there is another option. You may already know this, but there are several different options for those who don’t want to vote Trump or Clinton. I have talked with several people, and they were unaware that they had an option and I wanted to be able to encourage others in this direction.


1) You can vote for a Politician from a different party.  These are people running for president who are not a republican or a democrat. There are many different parties and they vary from state to state, but it is more than likely that there will be several other options on the ballot where you live. I encourage you to look at your ballot ahead of time and research what your other options are. You may just find someone who has similar convictions and beliefs as you running for president.  I have done this and have an option I am comfortable with on the ballot in Michigan.


2) You can “write in” a nominee. This literally could be anyone. I have considered writing in Ted Cruz. But you can choose whoever you want. Here is the WIKI article about Write in’s


I feel it is important to vote. Even if it is for a write in or a minor party member who, in all probability won’t win. This way, your voice is still being heard but you don’t have to vote for someone who you don’t feel represents your beliefs or convictions.


What do you think about these options? Are you going to vote November 8th?

By God’s Grace,