I apologize for starters that I haven’t posted any outfits lately. The truth of the matter is that I have had trouble finding the perfect time with it getting darker sooner and all. Plus, I just got my Wisdom Teeth out last week, and I was out of commission, aka, messy buns and sweatshirts and comfy skirts for about 5 days. I really love this outfit. It is super comfortable. I was running around the house all day catching up on things and sewing away. Little history of this skirt. I saw this fabric at a store and instantly fell in love with it 2 years ago. I didn’t get enough to make anything of substance out of it. Sad smile It has sat in my stash box for a long time and I finally decided to use it! I love the results! Again, I would really REALLY love it if it were one of my full length skirts, but this was fun. A quick, easy, project. It took me probably a half hour to 45 min.





I had a lot of fun with my hair too. I had leftover curl from two nights ago when we went to a Christmas Tea, so I brushed it out and did these really pretty fishtail crown braids. It was a good chance to practice fishtail braids. They can take a while, and this did, but the second braid was a lot quicker. I have to keep practicing them. Smile 





Sometimes it is so hard. I made this new skirt and then looked at it and was like. “uhhh. . . so what shirt do I wear with it?” It took me two days to figure it out. I pulled out the color wheel trick. “what color is on the opposite end of the color wheel?” that didn’t work. Purple didn’t look right and I don’t have much if any pink. I only have one brown top and it is pretty summery looking. So that was out of the question. Hmmmm. . . Then I kind of pulled this shirt out of my drawer in a fit of “oh well, this will have to do,” then I ended up really liking it! So the good news is I have at least one shirt that goes with this skirt! LOL!



Outfit Details

~ Skirt ~ made by me

~ Top ~ Thrifted $2

~ Boots ~ Thredup.com $15 (by the way if you use the link I have for Thredup, (which is an awesome, online, high end, thrift store) You and me both get $20 dollars to spend!!

~ Denim Blouse ~ Thrifted $2

~ Cowl Scarf ~ made by me

~ Earrings ~ gifted from my dear friend Julia I love them dearie!

~ Leggings~ Walmart $4.50


What about you? Do you have any tricks for finding things that match?

By His Grace,