ariana grande

Ariana Grande is a queen in the pop community. From her sassy ponytail, to the fact that her songs constantly and consistently climb the charts. Many would tell you that she is a woman they took up to.

While I’ve never been one to seek out that kind of music, I do occasionally enjoy some secular pop. Especially when it hits the spot for musicality. Hello, Imagine Dragons. But I tend to be careful of lyrics that are usually overtly or sexually explicit.

But I do work in a secular workplace where ‘new pop’ is the radio station of choice, so I often hear all the new hits. And when I heard Ariana Grande’s new song, my stomach turned over.

It’s not because I judge the song, or am legalistic, or because I am self-righteous. The song made me sick because it made me sad.

This isn’t about Ariana, this is about our culture.

The lyrics aren’t about true love and the glorification of selfish relationships honestly scared me more than I already am for this generation.

My opinion or convictions honestly have nothing to do with how many relationships is appropriate because I know that everyone’s journey is different and I don’t care if you are in one or ten. It’s all about the motive.

Arianna’s flippant disregard for the other humans she was in relationship with hurt my heart. It was all about what she could get out of the relationship not what ‘we’ could get out of it and God forbid you even consider what he could get out of the relationship.

The disturbing reality of the gimme-what-you-can-give-me-and-as-soon-as-I’m-not-satisfied-anymore-leave is something that I see is consuming our culture. And we wonder why so many marriages are in trouble, or why multiple marriages are more of a trend than sticking together.

Where are the “I love you and made a commitment to stay true” kind of relationships? Where are the ones who live for more than just momentary gratification and live to bring honor to each other and our Creator?

Let’s honor and respect each other as human beings to give a little more into a relationship instead of being wrapped up in how it makes us feel and being worried that our needs aren’t being met.

By all means, don’t live in dangerous, abusive situations, and don’t settle for anything less than you deserve. But let’s not live only for our selfish desires.

Let’s learn to say just “thank you” a little more, instead of “thank you, next.”

“Love your neighbor as you do yourself.” Matthew 22:39

By God’s Grace,