This post will be short and sweet. One of the reasons that I want to homeschool is the amount of real life experiences that I have had in my life as a result. I mentioned in a previous post how I had more time to pursue passions and be creative due to homeschooling, and while this post does fall under a similar category, it’s a little bit different.
Due to my homeschooling, I have been able to have so many real life experiences due to our freedom in getting to go places, volunteer for events, have ministry opportunities and job opportunities that I would not have had otherwise.
We have been able to perform music at a nursing home and have game days with the patients there, as well as performing at hospice homes.
I have been able to pursue my crafts and take the opportunity to present them to the world. I have been able to work in our family business from a very young age and learn things such as people skills, how to sell, marketing and how to make change and all that sort of thing while presenting at shows.
I was able to do life alongside with school work. The opportunities were endless and I feel so blessed to have been able to have that be a part of my ‘education’ or life. I want to be able to offer those things to my kids. Again, not saying that you can’t do those things while going to a public school, but homeschooling did make me more readily available for these type of opportunities.
What do you think?
By God’s Grace,