Because I share closet/Dress space with my two sisters, we don’t have room for winter things and summer things. So every season change, we pack away the past seasons clothes in containers and send them to the barn till we need them again. This past week I went through everything and put away all the sweaters, wool things and leggings. Summer is finally here and I couldn’t be happier! This picture was of the in between stage of winter stuff out, but no summer stuff in yet.


We have to make the most of our space and we have more summer skirts than we do winter skirts. I rolled up all the “crinkle” skirts and put them in a drawer to save on hanging space.


When packing away the winter clothes, I put all the clothes on the bottom and laid paper over them so that I could put the boots on top.




Ta da! No smashed boots, and no dirty clothes!


Everything is properly labeled this time so I don’t lose stuff. Which, ahem, I am sad to say happens all the time. Not this year!


The closet when all is said and done. Bottom shelf has long skirts on the left. Tunics in the middle, and dresses on the right.

Top shelf has shorter skirts on the left along with a couple of jackets. And tops on the right.

Tshirts, denim skirts, and other non-hangable things are in the drawers of our dresser.


So to sum up, my tips are,

1~Label Everything CLEARLY! It will save so much trouble later. Especially if your storage space is as much as a bottomless pit as ours! LOL!

2~Pack your boots or shoes on top of the clothes. You don’t want them getting all smashed from the weight of all the clothes.



Do you pack away your winter clothes?

Any packing/organizing tips?


By His Grace,