I have been a busy beaver! Well to be honest, I have been trying to be a busy beaver. Getting back into the swing of things has been a bit difficult. I finally just made myself start working on something and I am so glad I did! Last week before the weekend, I cut and sewed my “mock up” dress of a new pattern I am trying. I am so glad that I did a “mock up” of it. I was actually debating whether or not I had to. The other dress I make is of a pattern by the same company, so I figured I would do the same size and be fine. Boy was I wrong.



The bodice which you can see here, turned out pretty good. I liked how it fit and layed.


But once I sewed the bodice to the skirt of the dress, I found that the neck gaped for some strange reason. I am thinking I cut it wrong perhaps? You can see in the picture, I am bunching it up at the waistline seam. So I will be popping into a thrift store to see if I can get a random bed sheet to make another mock up. I want this dress to be perfect. Since I paid more than I normally would a yard for some gorgeous fabric, (which I will show you soon)  I simply want to be thrilled with the results! Smile


Today I also started working on bags and wallets again in preparation for the spring and summer season of shows. I have some gorgeous fabrics this time around and I am so glad I popped into JoAnn’s instead of just going from Hobby Lobby. Hobby Lobby is my happy place but I needed a larger selection. Some pretty new, bright colors and florals  for spring!


The wallets all cut up and ready to go!



I have a pile of things that are ready to sew! Going to start in on that tomorrow!

On to my outfit. I wore this on Friday last week as I was working on the mock up of my dress. Just a real simple casual outfit that I could crawl around on the floor in with no problem. Am I the only one who cuts out my patterns on the floor? There’s no room any where else! LOL!





Tunic Top: Meijer $4 on clearance

T-shirt: gift. My Mama painted her logo on it! You can check out her website here.

Black Jeans: Cato’s $12

Cami: Forever 21 $2.99

Headband: Made by Me. They are for sale! Email me if you are interested!


Ok, one last note. Any of you watch “When Calls The Heart”? My family took it up while we were sick and we binge watched the first two seasons. (sheepish grin) We are all caught up with what is on tv now, but we just watched the preview for the season finale!!!!! Oh MY GOSH! We were all freaking out and don’t know how we are going to wait till next week to see the finale! I love having sisters! I got to fangirl unashamedly with them for a bit! LOL! If you haven’t heard of the show I would highly recommend it! Super clean and family friendly, which I love. Somewhat cheesy at times but I find that endearing. Smile 


Have you ever seen When Calls The Heart?

What have you been busy with?

By God’s Grace,