Life has been busy lately! Between my part time job, preparing for our Shop the Barn Boutique Sale, working on LED Light Vests, and Sewing for myself, I haven’t had much time for Outfit posts. Especially with the light leaving us sooner at night than before. It is hard to get pictures in when it is dark outside. This outfit is one of the ones I have been wearing lately while back and forth between the house and the garage where my sewing machine and work table are. The boots I got from Costco for a steal and I am glad I did. I wasn’t sure at first if I was going wear them much, but I have a ton! They are nice and warm out on the cold cement of the garage. Even with my heater, it can get a bit chilly.





The trees are all turning such gorgeous colors! This is the brightest tree in our yard and the little kids have been climbing in it and reading books while sitting in the branches. I used to do that. When I was smaller and had more time on my hands that is. These bright yellow leaves make me so happy when I look out on it. I do appreciate the drive to work every morning. About 20 min of admiring God’s handiwork in nature. Such vivid colors and variances of shades, It simply makes my heart sing to see them! I love the colors of fall! You know what it looks like right after it rains? The bark is dark from the water and just a little light shines through the clouds just a little on the colorful leaves. That was what it looked like several days ago after a rain storm. This tree was marvelous then too!




In the first picture, our kitten Lottie, was licking my chin and tickling me! She is such a fun pet. As she has gotten older, her little cat personality has come out. She loves to cuddle, but also has a playful side. She loves to bat at my earrings and sit on our shoulders.




One other thing I have been working on with my sister and family is a super big deal and will be an awesome surprise that I will share with you next week! Make sure to stay tuned! I will give you a hint and you can guess. It has something to do with Audio Drama Day on Oct. 30th. We are SUPER EXCITED!!!!! I can’t wait to show you!


What have you been busy with lately?

Have you been noticing the Gorgeous Autumn Colors?


By His Grace,