“Isn’t this exciting?!”

“We are chained to a wall.”

“Yup! And now we have to figure out how to get out.”

“Uh no. YOU figure out how to get out. You got us into this mess, you can get us out.” I was not in a good mood. Sitting amongst filth and blood with shackles around my wrists with my arms above my head had a tendency to steal any joy out of my day.

“I find myself equal to the task!”

“Good, then do it silently! Blast! I can’t feel my arms!”

“We could sneak a key from the guard when he comes back.”

“With numb arms?”

“I though you weren’t helping.”

“I’m not!” I felt the insane urge to fold my arms and sulk. “Besides this is your fault.”

“You were fully aware that we were stealing food.”

“Not in the middle of town! Just because you want to be like Robin Hood doesn’t mean you can be. Sometimes we have to accept who we are.”

“You are waxing philosophical my friend. Would you like to sit here and philosophy? Or would you like to be freed from your shackles?”

He stood and stretched, his hands free of the wall, free of shackles, and with an annoyingly smug look on his face. I couldn’t refrain from rolling my eyes.

“Just unlock me would you?” I growled.

“Certainly! There!” It was done in a trice and I rubbed my sore wrists.

“Now to get out of this cell.” He paced to the open window and lifted himself by the bars and looked out. “And back to work.”

“You can’t mean we are going to go back for the food.”

“I certainly do mean that. The poor need to eat as well as the rich.”

I sighed, it was going to be a long day.


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