Yay! Today is Wednesday, which means Writing post on the blog! This one was really kind of fun and cool to do! The one thing I love about writing prompts is that I am not limited to any genre or theme. I can do literally anything! Stepped out of my usual type of story here. I really enjoyed doing this one. I hope you enjoy reading it!


“You can’t come with me.”

My little sister stared directly into my eyes with a startled face. I had never spoken so firmly to her before and the urgency and desperation in my voice sparked fear in her eyes. I held her chin in my hand and shook her slightly.

“Do you understand? Don’t follow me!” The breath from my harsh whisper blew the hair around her face. Tears rose in her eyes and it hurt me to know that I was the cause of them. But she needed to know. 

She nodded. I let go of her face with a deep breath and turned with a shudder.

“Alan, please. . .” I could hear the fear choking her voice. “Please be careful. Don’t. . .” she faltered and I turned to see tears streaking her face. “Don’t, please don’t leave me.”

I wanted to stay. Heck, I was scared to death too. But I couldn’t. Not if we both wanted to live. I had to confront the man who sought us.

I swallowed the lump in my throat. “I have to Kyla. No matter what happens, remember, you have to get this to the base.” I pressed the electronic memory device into her hand. “If someone other than those who have the pass code try to access the information on here it will self-destruct. Stay safe.” I touched a tear on her cheek with a trembling hand, then turned to leave.

“Alan!” She called in a loud whisper.

I turned.

“I love you big brother.” Her face crumpled as she said the words.

“I love you too Kyla.” I stepped from the alley. God protect her. You’re the only one who can now.


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By God’s Grace,