So I am a day late on this, but this week is crazy busy! Here you go! My tenth writing prompt!



Last night, the sun didn’t set.

It fell.

You wouldn’t believe how cold it is.

I sit here, in the dark, everything around me destroyed. At least, I think it is. I saw the earthquakes crumble the buildings in the fiery red that illuminated the sky as the sun fell. Just before it turned black. It looked like a shooting star. Only, you know, larger?

All the people around me are chattering. They theorize that we are floating in space. We lost our anchor in the solar system when the sun fell. We could crash into another planet and not be able to do anything about it. The thought that our planet is literally just bopping around space kind of freaks me out if I think about it. So I don’t.

I suddenly feel overwhelmed, and scared, and alone. I don’t know where I am, or where anyone I know is. Everyone else is chatting to each other, reveling in the comfort of another human being. Tears well in my eyes as I stretch out my hands, seeking comfort of some kind.

I touch something. It’s another hand. I grasp it like a lifeline.

“I’m Corbin.” The owner of the hand says. The voice is old and cracked, and I notice the hand is wrinkly and soft.

“I’m Emma, I’m twelve, and I’m scared.”

“It’s going to be ok Emma, God is here with us.”

The idea of a universal being staying with us is foreign to me, but oddly comforting. I pray for the first time. God, if you’re there, save me. I’m scared.

Something floods through me and my stomach doesn’t feel like it is wobbling anymore. It’s going to be ok.


This writing prompt was hard! I am actually kind of happy with how it turned out though. Let me know what you thought in the comments!

By God’s Grace,