This writing prompt was kind of hard and I literally stared at the picture and at my paper for what felt like a really long time. I finally had an idea and acted on it. I almost want to write a whole book about it or something! LOL!

writing prompt 016


The first sensation he was aware of as he woke was pain. Everything hurt. He felt surrounded with hurt and despair. He fought the consciousness. He’d rather stay in oblivion than awake to the realities.

A choking sensation in his lungs pulled him the rest of the way out of unconsciousness and he lifted his head as his body convulsed to expel the water that had filled his lungs.

He coughed till not even a shred of strength remained. He pulled his eyes open and blinked against the blinding sunlight. For the first time he realized that his hands were tied to a chain.

Suddenly, it all came rushing back. The ship, the storm, the dark and the cries of drowning people. He picked up his head form the sand, revolting against the feelings of nausea and dizziness. He looked along the chain that his hands were bound to, left, then right as it ran along the beach. Not one of the other prisoners were in sight, which meant. . . He was alone.



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By God’s Grace,