Tabitha gripped the rung of the ladder and held on for dear life. The metal cold beneath her fingers, she squeezed her eyes shut against the frozen countryside whirring by. A wind that chilled her to the bone whirled her skirts around and clutched her legs with its icy tendrils, sending shivers up her spine. As if she weren’t shaking enough already. Running for your life and clinging to the side of a moving train could tend to do that to you.

Tears flooded her eyes. If only she wasn’t alone. Pain grasped her chest as her shoulders heaved with sobs. She remembered the looks of confusion on her little brothers faces as she pulled her dress from their little clinging hands. She remembered her mother’s grief-stricken face as she pushed her daughter from the house and bade her run. Her own feelings of pain and confusion welled within her. Why couldn’t they have come with her? This was not how her day was supposed to end. She was supposed to be enjoying a meal of potatoes and lamb, sitting between Evan and Jacob. But those plans had changed when the courier knocked frantically on the back door and handed a bundle inside to her mother before running off again, looking behind him with a look of fear.

Tabitha clutched the bundle that was tightly wrapped and pinned inside her cloak and concealed therein. She needed to get to the city and the bundle to her father. Only he could deliver it to the right hands. If only she could get there safely.


This one was fun to do. I actually tossed around ideas of where to place the story, but decided to leave it without a location or specific time period.

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