Lily turned her head to catch the cool breeze blowing off the lake and let it cool her hot face. She had been waiting for several hours and her clothes had become sticky and she was so hot. The birds chirped in the trees and the sound of little animals rustling in the forest floor struck her as beautiful sounds in comparison to the noisy bustle of the city and the racket of trains running by the window of the school she had just arrived from. The song of another bird thrilled her heart with its lovely melody. The smell of the woods, earthy, slightly damp and musky tickled her nose with its smell.

She longed to see the landscape that surrounded her. She rarely allowed herself to think thoughts of self-pity, but her tired body didn’t wish to put up the fight any longer. It had been a long journey just after a recent illness and her flesh and spirit were ever so weary. A vicious headache pounded in her temples, increasing her desire for rest. Tears of exhaustion filled her sightless eyes and spilled onto her cheeks. She knew she needed to remain strong. It wouldn’t be long till her brother would arrive, and then all would be well. Or at least, so she hoped.


This writing prompt is actually based off a story I started to write probably more than 5 years ago. I saw this picture and instantly thought of the story I had started of a blind girl leaving behind the blind school she had lived in for years and going to live with her brother who lived in the woods and was a man who used herbs and other plants to create medicines. She had been sitting on the front porch of his cabin, waiting for him, having been dropped off by a man who drove the freight wagon from the train station. Rewriting this scene has made me want to make a book out of it! Perhaps someday!


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By God’s Grace,