Writing Prompt 018


The cry came again, louder this time, and Julianne’s heart leapt into her throat. The gathering dusk threw shadows across the ground and the cooler air of the evening caused her to shiver. Making the split second decision, she grasped the lantern and started for the woods.

Another scream, this time, sounding laden with pain, caused her to quicken her steps. She was sure of it now. It wasn’t an animal. Someone was out there, someone in pain. She lifted the skirt of her pink silk dress, trying to keep it from being sullied in the dirt and leaves that strewed the forest floor. She weaved in and out of the trees, following the noises of agonized humanity. Her heart beat faster, and her breath came quicker. A stitch in her side caused her to gasp in pain.

“Help, someone, help me please. . .” the words were so close they startled her. She held her lantern aloft and looked through the brush to her right. She caught sight of a young boy, perhaps eight or nine laying awkwardly in the dirt, a sob of pain bursting from him as he swiped at his dirt streaked face. He shivered against the cold in his thin and ripped clothing, then convulsively grasped at his ankle with a cry of pain. She looked down his leg at his ankle and saw it trapped in the jaws of a large animal trap. She shuddered at the thought and rushed towards him. She had seen the traps before, it was of the size used to catch bear or panther.

“Oh you poor thing!” She cried, breathless as she fell to her knees beside the lad, who jumped and shrieked at the startling sight of her. “It’s alright, I’m here to help! You poor boy! How did this happen?”


This was one of those prompts when I started with just a picture and really no idea as to how the story would go, but sentence by sentence, the story came into my head as I typed. It is really cool actually when that happens! I hope you enjoyed this! let me know what you thought in the comments below!

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