“Come on! I have something to show you!”

“This is crazy!” I held onto my husband’s hand, hoping against hope he knew what he was doing. But he was the dreamer, always had been, always will be. I like that about him, in fact, it’s one of the things that had convinced me to marry him a few short months ago. I also hoped that this rickety train would hold our weight. Walking across the top of an old abandoned train covered in graffiti with my eyes closed and my hand in that of my husbands was not high on my list of smart things to do.

“We’re gonna be fine, this is fun, you have to see this!”

His excitement caused my heart to jump and a smile to lift my lips.

“Okay, we are going to cross a car here, uh. Hmmm. . . maybe I should take your blindfold off, I don’t want my beautiful wife to fall!”

I laughed out loud this time. His lack of planning cracked me up. “That might be a good idea!”

“Keep your head down! Don’t look up, just look at your feet! Please?” He begged before I nodded and he pulled the blindfold off. I itched to look at the forbidden, but I didn’t want to ruin the surprise. I truly loved surprises and I wouldn’t spoil his excitement for the world. I carefully maneuvered the foot or so of space between cars. I looked down to my right and was met by a steep drop off covered in shrubs, trees, and weeds and my world tilted as I gulped. Kyle grabbed my elbow. Maybe a blindfold had been a good idea after all, I was scared to death of heights.

“Whoa! Easy there sailor! We don’t want you going overboard!” He was trying to keep my mind off the drop off with some humor.

“No we wouldn’t” I said, trying to keep the tremble out of my voice, but when he pulled me to a stop, I almost forgot my fear.

“Okay, you ready?” he asked, his eyes bright and excited.

I nodded, taking a deep breath to settle my jittery nerves and stop the trembling in my legs.

“Look up, that way,”

I followed his pointing finger and gasped with delight at the marvel of it all. The beauty of the mountain range transported my soul to heights of ecstasy. I just stood in awe of the gorgeous colors, carved stone and fog just shrouding it enough to look like a gauzy curtain that was shielding me from the mountains true brilliance. Standing on the rail car allowed us to see over the border of trees that would have otherwise blocked our view.

We marveled in silence as Kyle’s arm stole around my shoulders in the place it felt like it belonged.

“Do you like it?” he whispered in my ear.

For an answer, I kissed him. Words failed me.



I loved this prompt! I scrolled through my pinterest board looking for some inspiration on what prompt to do next and I glanced right past this one, but then had a sudden inspiration and scrolled back up! I am so glad I went with it. I think it was just such a pretty and innocent snapshot into an adorable couples life!


I had an idea! My next writing prompt is going to be my last for a while as I will be starting a serial story on Wednesdays instead! Why don’t you pick the prompt! Here is my pinterest board of prompts, you comment below with which one is your favorite or which one you would like to see me do (one I haven’t done please) and I will put the choices into a hat and draw the winner in time for my Writing Prompt 030 post next Wednesday!

This will be fun!

What did you think about this prompt? Which prompt do you pick for next week?

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