Welcome to Writing Prompt 034! This is the series where I take a random snippet or picture, and base a story off of it. I hope you enjoy this one. It made me cry. *sniffs* I need a tissue.


Carson wheeled into the driveway and killed the motor, a sad smile on his face. His little brother was going to flip. His mom poked her head out the door, grinned, then grimaced. Having her boys ride on a motorcycle wasn’t exactly her idea of a good idea, but she agreed to pretty much anything for Clay.

“Clay dear! Carson has something for you in the driveway!” She called over her shoulder into the house. Her eyes met Carson’s and her face crumpled. She took a deep breath and plastered the smile back on her face. Carson’s heart broke. Again.

His little brother Clay stepped out of the house, looking pale and a little frail in his too large for him sweatshirt hoodie and sweatpants. His tired eyes set back in his head lit up when he caught sight of Carson, the dark circles that rimmed them almost disappearing. Almost.

“Wh. . . what?” He stumbled from the doorway onto the porch with more shock than weakness.

Carson grinned widely. “You always said you wanted to ride a motorcycle just once. Now’s your chance little bro!” He waved dramatically at the Harley Davidson sitting majestically on its kickstand on the cement slab in front of the garage.

Carson couldn’t help but laugh out loud at his little brother, all agog and wide-eyed in awe of the bike.

“For real?” Clay obviously couldn’t believe it.

“For reals. Come on dude! Come give it a spin!”

“But where did you get it? How. . .” Clay slowly walked around the bike, admiring it’s every curve and chrome asset.

“Mr. Dilbert let us borrow it for the day.” Most men wouldn’t have given up their prize Harley into the hands of a college student who wanted to take his little brother for a spin. But extenuating circumstances will touch many a heart, especially when those extenuating circumstances are cancer and a death sentence. Plus, it helped that Mr. Dilbert was a friend of the family and a compassionate man anyway.

“Dude.” Clay breathed, running his hand over the leather of the seat.

Carson laughed, his heart feeling heavy beneath the joy at seeing his little brother’s dream come true. “Well, get on! Kick her up and let’s go!”

Clay looked up into Carson’s face, almost begging him to tell him that it wasn’t so. Carson shook his head and grabbed Clay’s arm, pulling him to a seat on the bike. He sat behind him, wrapping his arms around Clay’s waist. “Okay, I am assuming all of your looking up of Harley’s gave you some idea of how to start one, right?”

Clay threw a ‘whatever’ look over his shoulder. It was good to see Clay with enough energy to be saucy. Those pills were sucking the very life out of him. Carson wasn’t sure what was harder for his brother: fighting the cancer, or fighting the illness the pills that fought the cancer caused.

Clay kicked the pedal that started the engine and grinned from ear to ear when it nearly burst their eardrums with its low grumbly, explosive sound as it started.

Carson’s heart beat harder. “It’s a good thing you took drivers Ed and drove that 4-wheeler last summer at camp, or I would have never let you on this thing. I wouldn’t risk my life with an inexperienced driver.” He shouted into his brother’s ear to be heard over the noise of the engine. That thing was loud.

“Dang. . . this is awesome!!!!” Clay shouted back. He grinned and waved up at their mom who still watched from the porch. She smiled and waved back with her dish towel. Clay slowly wheeled backwards out of the drive, facing the bike down the road.

Carson could feel Clay take a deep breath from beneath his arms that encircled his ribs. Then, suddenly they were moving and they both picked up their feet, setting them on the running boards. Clay was conservative with the speed at first, but as they started down the paved country road headed out into the middle of no-where, he slowly increased it.

Around the wind that was in his face whipping his hair back, he leaned forward and caught a sight of the side of Clays face. Pure, ecstatic joy made the remnants of the cancer fade away. He had the biggest smile Carson had seen in forever stretching his features and taking the tiredness from his eyes.

Carson fought a sob that clutched at his chest. If only Clay could always be so happy. He would do anything. . .anything to save his brother, but as it was, giving him the best last few months of his life was all that he could settle for. But he would do more than just settle. His brother was going to have the best time of his life.


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