It was a beautiful room that they had given her. If she hadn’t already known that the previous occupant had been a sea captain, she would have only had to see this room to know it.

The color blue was so prolific that it almost hurt her eyes. She felt a bit seasick. She almost opened her mouth to request another room, but the maid who had shown her up had already disappeared. She sighed and took off her hat that she flung across the soft blue bedspread. She plopped down to a seat beside her rejected headgear and gave an exasperated exhale as she turned her head about to take in the room in all its oceanic glory.

There seemed to be a waviness to it as well. So much movement between the multiple patterns, designs and even the dresser that curved in such a way that if she squinted, she could imagine she was looking at it through a distorted mirror. An object atop the dresser caught her attention. It was a white carved box, small and dwarfed by the figurines and other articles that adorned its walnut top. She crossed the room and picked up the article. It felt soft beneath her fingers. Too soft to be wood. It was carved so intricately and delicately that she trembled at holding it. What if it broke in her possession? She set it back down, but with a click, the lid flew open as if on a spring. A soft, haunting melody began to play.

Startled, she leaned over it to gaze into its small depths. A lonely brass key rested in the velvet bottom beside the mechanism that played the music. Her heart beating fast, she turned around her, looking for anything the key could possibly be a match to. There was nothing that could possibly match a key of this size.

A mysterious key in a dead sea captains old room. Her mind raced with possible assumptions. Perhaps she would soon see if she was right.


Let me know what you think of this writing prompt! I just realized that I hit number 40!!! WHAT? So cool! That is a lot. . . maybe I will have to throw a small party when I hit 50. *raises eyebrows* What do you  think of that?

So about this prompt. . . I saw this picture while on pinterest and was just going to pin it in a random board about décor, but then I had the idea that it looked like what a sailor would have for a room. All that blue! So yeah, that is what happened.

I hope you enjoyed it!

By God’s Grace,