She strolled quietly, almost tiptoeing out to the end of the crude dock they had constructed. She loved these early morning times of quietness. Before even the birds woke up. Fog floated softly over the top of the water, and the night frogs still sang their hollow songs. A soft breeze waved the plants around the ponds edge as she stood, looking out over the lake with her hands in her pockets.

She needed these moments of quiet, before anyone else in the house was up. It was the time that her lonely soul opened, blossomed and listened to her Father’s voice. The water rippled softly beneath her and she stepped to the end of the dock, sitting on its’ rough timbers and letting one of her feet dangle below, the cold water feathering against her big toe and sending a shiver along her spine. She loved the feel of the water. She tucked up her other leg beneath her skirt and rested her chin on top of her knee.

Her eyes caught on the glory of the sunrise and tears choked her throat. Such beauty. Such splendor. The colors splashed across the sky as if by some invisible artist, stroking His brush across the vast white-blue of the heavens. How she wished she could hold the sight in her mind forever. If only she had the ability or the talent to paint such a picture.

An early morning breeze feathered along her skin and made her heart jump with excitement. A new day. What would today hold? What beauty or pain would it bring to her?

“Bless my day Father. Let me a blessing to someone else. Fill me with your glory. . .” She whispered a prayer and ducked her head, what a glorious morning to be alive.


Did you like the prompt? I decided to go with something a little more reflective versus exciting. . . I hope you liked it! Let me know what you thought in the comments!

By God’s Grace,