Writing Prompt 073

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Running. Why did she always do it?

The beautiful magnolia trees sprinkling the ground with their fluffy pink and white petals, resembling snow were a stark contrast to the ugly and all engrossing darkness that squeezed her heart.

She ran from pain. She ran from fear. She ran from anger.

But when it all came down to it, running never fixed anything. This was the one purpose in which she was thwarted the most. She desired to outrun the grief and the pain, the darkness that overwhelmed her, but instead it only grew darker and the storm clouds only billowed more as she ran.

Running did nothing. But she didn’t want to face that fact either.

Her feet slid on the pavement and her toes smashed into the top of her shoes as she rounded a corner of the sidewalk. She got many a strange look and she realized that she had forgotten she was still wearing the party dress. What girl ran away in the middle of her own birthday party?

This one, that’s who. She huffed and struggled to draw in air as she rounded another corner and pulled to the curbside of the sidewalk to avoid a couple out for a leisurely jog. There was a stark difference to their pace versus hers and she swallowed against the dessert-dry feeling in her throat. A sob worked its way up from her gut and she felt the weight of the world press down on her shoulders. Had it been too much to ask for a normal birthday party? She hadn’t even wanted a perfect one. Something in her subconscious knew that perfect would have been too much.

She turned another corner, her chest heaving and suddenly there was a child on a tricycle blocking her path. With as much of a scream as her body could muster peeling out of her throat, she lunged out of the way, tripped, and fell off the curb. In slow motion, she felt herself falling, her hands not moving enough to break her fall. She heard the horn of a car before a terrible thud and everything went black.

Sorry to leave you all in suspense, again. 😀

By God’s Grace,