As is typical for me when recommending any media, I wanted to warn you that not all content is appropriate for all people and to research and therefore watch with discretion and if you are under 18 with parental consent or supervision. I cannot vouch for all the content within these shows.
Tv shows can offer such a wide range of story. Some of the best writers write for tv series and I have to say, some of these have definitely been instrumental in my writing career.

1 ~ West Wing ~ Dialogue

This sweeping political drama some would find dry at times, but the constant sharp and witty, fast and furious dialogue makes this one of the best. If you want a crash course in writing dialogue that doesn’t sound stilted, whip out this drama and watch away. Also, I learned more about the inner working of the government from this show than I did from my high school government class because you can actually get to see how it works. Aaron Sorkin is brilliant, dude.

2 ~ Downton Abbey ~ Historical and British

I still have yet to watch a whole lot of this tv series, an issue that I plan to rectify VERY SOON. However, the random few episodes that I have watched had this anglophile spellbound. The accents, the history, the social decorums, everything is spit spot perfection. If you are a British buff or a history buff, you will adore this show and the small bit that I have watched has really strengthened my Light of London series.

3 ~ Chicago Med ~ Medical Reality

So few shows actually get the reality of medicine correctly. Whether it be from having characters with broken ribs jaunting around and engaging in pursuit on foot within hours of their injury (a personal pet peeve of mine), or gunshot wounds healing too quickly, this show doesn’t pull any punches when it comes to real time-lines of things. Sometimes the waiting is painful, and they aren’t afraid to show that. Human reaction and psychology is also a huge part of this show and I was fascinated.

4 ~ Hawaii Five-0 ~ Bro Banter

This show falls short in certain writing areas, but when it comes to the banter, man, pull up a seat and take a ride. This show does something that I find incredibly attractive. It pairs two dudes in a pure, wholesome, brotherly relationship in which there is a lot of teasing, joking, and just good plain fun banter.

5 ~ Blue Bloods ~ Police Work Realities

Police and laws are obviously can be very local things when it comes to state and national law. But even if you don’t live in New York, this show will teach you some of the harsh realities of the job as well as the legalities that most of us forget to google when it comes to actually writing our books. And I want to encourage you to make sure you get your legalities straight and this show can’t do it all for you, but it gives you a working knowledge and understanding of some of that stuff while giving you some awesome shows at the same time.
There you have it! Five of my current writing help tv shows that, depending on what you need, will give you a bunch of writing fodder!
What Tv show or movie helps you write?
By God’s Grace,