Approval Addict: Who Am I Living For?

Hello, lovelies! I was so excited when Victoria asked me to guest post on her blog. I know what a privilege it is to invite someone into your special space on the internet, so I am super honored that she asked me!

My name is Livy Lynn and I’m the founder of Crown of Beauty Magazine, the author of several Christian YA titles, and a Cheerleader (or Coach, really) for passionate souls who dream expanding their reach, growing their online platform, and touching the world around them!

I absolutely love what I do today, blogging, writing, marketing, and teaching others how to do the same, but it wasn’t exactly an easy ride getting here!

You see, as a little girl, I was a huge dreamer! When I daydreamed about my future, there were so many things I wanted to do with my life. (Victoria and I have that in common! We both love having our hands in a million different projects, all at once. We both love singing, acting, dancing, writing, blogging, organizing, designing…the list goes on and on!)

Being a young girl with so many interests, talents, and hobbies, all was well, until I reached Senior Year. The final year of High School, I was forced to answer the scariest question of them all.

“What are you going to do with your life?”

I knew I had some major career choices to make. After all, I couldn’t do everything. I had to settle my mind and focus on what I was going to pursue. I was bombarded with the usual “Graduation” questions.

“So, what are you going to do after you graduate? What college are you going to?” 

Hearing these questions was especially hard for me, I truly didn’t know which path I was going to take! And in the midst of feeling undecided, I felt pressure coming from outside sources. As a homeschooler, I already knew that I had extended family members who were suspicious of my home-based education. I was already labeled as the “different” girl, and I knew they were watching me, very closely, to see if I would fail or, if I would succeed, and prove all the doubters wrong.

(Homeschoolers, can you relate?)   

I felt like I owed success to the people around me. I wanted to make my parents proud. They had risked so much in following their personal convictions to homeschool me. My Dad was a public school teacher, so imagine how awkward that was for him, to tell his teacher friends, that his daughter was being homeschooled! I believed that if I could be successful, and finally have something of worth or a valuable accomplishment to show the world, I would somehow prove my worth or value to them.

All these years later, looking back at those moments, I know that mindset was so wrong. My worth and value comes from my identity in Christ! I am not special or loved because of what I do, how much of an impact I make, how much money I earn, etc. In my heart, I knew this to be true. But my mind argued with me, as the pressure of giving into the expectations of others, pushed me into a place of “approval addiction”. 

Instead of taking time to wait on God and ask Him for direction after Graduation, I dove into the first thing that made sense. Taking online college classes.

I wasn’t sure if that was what I really wanted to do, but it would be enough to tell people I had some sort of “plan”, right? Besides, the thought of telling people, “Oh, I’m not in college right now” was absolutely terrifying!

One of the dreams I considered pursuing, was the possibility of someday publishing a novel.
But the college-path I was on, wasn’t fostering my creativity at all. I felt like all those childhood dreams were slowly being sucked away from my heart. I was not enjoying what I was doing in school, and I knew, deep down, that I was doing it for the wrong reasons

I was trying to impress people.

I wasn’t in school because I believed God wanted me there.

I was in school because I knew other people thought I should be there.


At this realization, I had a huge choice to make. I could either continue down the college path, attempting to pursue a career in the traditional manner that so many people thought was the “normal way of doing things”, or I could let go, trust God, and embrace the fact that He didn’t create me to be just like everyone else.

Should I go left, or right?

This way, or that way?

Finally, I made my choice.

And it changed my entire life, forever.

To find out which choice I made, how my family and friends reacted, and how it’s lead me to where I’m at today, check out the Pilot episode of my brand new Podcast, Dream to Destiny!

It is my prayer that everyone who listens to this Podcast will be blessed and encouraged to follow God’s leading in their life, reawaken their childhood dreams, and step into the unique destiny they’ve been created for!

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