Funny story:

Spiderman: Homecoming was going to be my first Marvel movie to see in theatres. I am surrounded by brothers in the birth order of our family, so when we have movie nights, we end up watching action movies, sci-fi. . . etc. Guy flicks. Open-mouthed smile Well, a few years ago, once I was old enough, my older brothers introduced me and my younger brother to the Marvel Universe. Every Marvel movie that was in theatres since then was either meh, (to me) or too violent for my likes, so I waited.

Enter, SPIDERMAN! Guys. Just so cute. I love the fact that he is normal, awkward and still a kid. I also knew that that would mean the movie was going to be slightly less intense and geared towards a younger audience which was fine with me. I may or may not have watched the trailer too many times. I was so excited to get to see a Marvel movie in theatres with my older bros and my parents came too! I of course needed a Spiderman shirt. I wanted to be a full on nerd. Open-mouthed smile And I was. My dream came true. This outfit was the result.

I love taking something super casual and finding ways to dress it up. I felt so “me” in this outfit. The skirt is one of my favorites as you probably well know. *wink* I know I post it a lot. But at least this way you can get some ideas and ways to style the same thing. I am an average girl. . . I can’t afford a ton of new clothes. LOL!

I also altered the tshirt. . . My brother got it for me and the only size they had was a men’s medium. . . In real life, I would probably be an extra small. HAHA! So I took one of my existing t-shirts, used that as a guide and cut a lot off of this shirt. I sewed it back up, shortened the sleeves so they would be a cap sleeve cut (more flattering) and also cut down the neck and refinished that. Generic T-shirt necklines drive me nuts. I feel like they are trying to choke me. So, all fixed! And since my hair was down, I got to wear a pair of feather earrings from my bestie. Fun fact: I love feathers.

And last but not least. . . yes, I did greatly enjoy the movie! No spoilers, but it was really good! *secretly can’t wait to watch it again*


~ Skirt: Eshakti $35. Similar here.

~ Top: Meijer gift from brother, altered by me.

~ Sandals: Payless Shoe Source $15 last year

~ Earrings: Gift

~ Rings: Random

~ Feather Necklace: gift

Did you see Spiderman: Homecoming? Do you like dressing up t-shirts?

By God’s Grace,