#Fashion Friday.
IT IS FALL! My favorite season of them all! Seriously, I love this season. The cooler weather that allows me to layer, the clothing that I love, aka, what this post is about. Here I am going to be sharing with you my 5 favorite items of the season!


As much as I love letting my toes out and walking barefoot. . . and the fact that I hate sweaty feet, I still love boots. I have no idea why honestly, but they are definitely more comfy than sandals or heels, but they combine the best of both worlds. I have quite the collection, all things considered, but I console myself with the fact that they are either handed down, bought used, or an amazing deal. Otherwise, I also share them with my sisters. We of course HAD to have the same size. I can’t call my clothes my own these days.

Statement Dress:


Similar here, here, and here.
I just got this dress from a boutique and I am IN . LOVE. Swoon. I have been craving a good floral dress or top to own for quite some time. Wearing black for work all the time has kind of stripped me of some of my fashion creativity. I’ve missed getting to experiment more, but since decluttering and purging my closet over and over as the seasons rolled over this year, I have come to realize that I have hardly anything in my closet (that I wear) that’s not black. Sooooo. . . that being said, I have put a kibosh on buying anything black for now. LOL! I would highly recommend getting some sort of statement item like this. It’s so inspiring!

Velvet Scrunchies:


Shameless little plug here, but. . . I adore these. I made them for a artisan show this year and loved them! Now with my haircut too, they are just the best thing since sliced bread. They don’t slip, they are stinkin’ adorable, they go with everything and wonder of all wonders, they don’t give me a headache. On another note, they also don’t damage your hair because they aren’t those super tight hair ties that break your hair off and give you that nasty dent. The velvet ones are so in right now and I just love the bit of class, but also throwback look they add to an outfit. They aren’t currently up on Etsy due to a stock shortage, but they will be going up soon!

Blanket Scarves:


You can find these here. Left, Right.
Boy, am I ever glad that these are still in style right now. I love these things. They make me feel so cozy and I also make them, so that is a nice perk. Again, these aren’t currently available because I don’t have the time to post them right now, but I am hoping to after my next art show. I just love how they can add so much style to an otherwise plain or boring outfit.



You can find these here: Left, Right.
Legit. Need I say more? Who doesn’t love a cozy, oversized sweater? I don’t know why, but my style has really been slipping into the preppy, casual look and I am not gonna lie, I love it. As long as I don’t get too hot, (which is a very real problem for this warm blooded girl) Sweaters are a dream. Here are some awesome choices on amazon that I am saving up to get!
What do you look forward to wearing in this season? Also, who would be interested in a try on haul from amazon?
By God’s Grace,