I’m Back! + Vacay Pics

Hello luvs! I’m officially back, and with a whole new do! How do you like the new trappings here on the blog? My dearest bosom friend, Livy Lynn did an amazing job helping me redesign and get this clunky blog updated with a whole new look and feel. It feels so much more me and I am so glad that I went with this redesign. I am absolutely in love with it and I hope you are too! Let me know what you think in the comments! Who is excited to have the blog back and running?!

I have some super exciting things coming up soon, in addition to just getting back into the swing of things and getting the content that you know and love back on a consistent basis.

But, in case you wondered where I was, I was being held hostage by a green scaly dragon that breathed fire over the entrance of the dark, dank cave every time I tried to step foot outside of the opening.

Well, the real story is far less interesting and takes the form of a full time job that has been a whole new world as I’ve learned to adjust to getting up early and getting out the door, only to collapse of exhaustion when I walked in the door at the end of the day. So the thought of opening my laptop and spinning a yarn for the blog or taking outfit pictures was just all too much as I was often literally falling asleep while eating dinner.

I did get to enjoy a lovely and stupendous vacation with Livy in North Carolina in my happiest of happy places, the beach. So, here are some lovely pictures from our adventures for you to enjoy! Now excuse me while I go agonize over narrowing down which ones to post.

I hope you enjoyed these few pictures of the many from my trip! I will be posting some more content from my time in North Carolina soon.

What have all of you been up to?

By God’s Grace,