This outfit was kind of a quick, comfortable throw together for a busy day and I ended up loving it! I always love my graphic tees, but it is hard to wear them sometimes, because they aren’t long enough for me to wear with jeans, and they can be kind of shapeless when pared with a boxy denim skirt. I snagged this denim shirt from my mom’s get-rid-of pile and kept it. It goes perfectly for a throw over, and it is perfectly long in the back for me to wear it with jeans. I love the casual, but cute vibes this outfit has with the too-large denim shirt, the cute graphic tee, and the vintagy headband.




Now, on to my favorite for the month of May!

Anthem Lights: Hymns (I stream it on Spotify)
Lindsey Stirling. . . Just everything of hers has been on repeat.
2 Cellos: Score
Adam Young Scores (this guy. . . I love his scores)
Jamie Grace: The Happy Song and Party Like a Princess (JAMIE GRACE IS BACK!!!!! Love this girl!)
Bekah Shae: Just followed her youtube!
What I have been reading and loving. . .
A Case for Christ by Lee Strobel
Three People by Isabella Alden
Murder on the Titanic by Jim Walker
5-minute Marketing for Authors by Penny C. Sansevieri
Ivy Introspective by Kellyn Roth
Woman in Gold. . . yes, I re-watched it just this week. Open-mouthed smile
Roman Holiday (watched with my sisters, iconic Audrey Hepburn)
A Man Called Peter (Such a good movie, but read the book too!)
My favorite posts from my blog:
Writing Prompt 036 ~ Meeting on the Bridge
25 Spoiler Free Facts about London in the Dark
Book Lover’s Tag and Blue Outfit
Favorite posts from blogs I follow:
Southern Stripes and Sunflowers from Minnie Muse (I just love Madison’s style and you should totally go check out her blog!)
We Bought a Zoo from Minnie Muse (EEP! This post! Madison’s style makes me super excited sometimes! When I do a fun, vintage pattern mix, I always say that I am “dressing like Madison” Her posts always encourage me to be more creative with my outfit choices and this one had me squealing with it’s beauty. Open-mouthed smile)
If You Fall Off Your Bike by a Clothes Horse (and as always, The Clothes Horse has some UH-mazing outfits and her shoots are so gorgeous. GOALS)
Youtube Videos:
Lindsey Stirling acoustic Hold My Heart (loved hearing her play acoustic)
Wonder Woman Braid Kayley Melissa (totally going to do this braid)
I’ll Fly Away live from Willow City (music awesomeness)
What the Church is Getting Wrong about Purity by Katie Gregoire (this video so encouraged and inspired me.)
Rose Gold Glittery Eye Makeup Tutorial by Allie G Beauty (the colors of this were just so pretty, and hello? Glitter? LOVE!)
Soft Purple Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial by Allie G Beauty (I love this one because the eye look is actually something I would wear)
Favorite App:
This is a dumb idea to include this section. Ya’ll I just got a smartphone only in the last few months and I don’t even use it all the time. And. . . the only thing I have on it is the BARE NECESSITIES because the memory is pretty much nonexistent. So. . . um. my favorite app would be my email app or Pinterest. Open-mouthed smile Email because it is convenient to just quick check it on my phone versus laptop and Pinterest because. . . HELLOOOOOO.
Okay! I think that sums everything up!
What are some of your favorites from the month of May.
By God’s Grace,