Funny story about my Thanksgiving outfit. I was all prepared ahead of time with what I was going to wear so that there would be no rush and craziness at the last minute when I was getting dressed. I also had a lot of fun pulling out outfit options from my closet for my sisters. They picked out theirs and we were good to go. Or so I thought. I had an outfit that I had worn before and loved, but when I put it on, I was like so MEH! My lovely outfit for whatever reason did not look right and the skirt was hanging funny. Sooooo. . . yeah. I was rushing till the last second to pull this together. Thankfully, I was really happy with how it turned out! This is one of two of my favorite skirts that I have ever owned. The floral print, the fact that it is vintage, and the other fact that I added my own touch to it by altering it slightly, and the way it looks on my just makes me so happy! I love it so much and now that it is fall and winter again, I can wear it some more! This outfit also includes a bunch of my other favorite things. Olive boot socks, my heeled oxfords, and my new necklace from the Faithful Merchant. It is so special and I had it made with my verse that I felt like God gave me recently. You can read the post here.
Thanksgiving day was such fun! I spent the morning doing my sister’s and my own hair and makeup. Holiday’s are fun for me because I can add a little more glitter and lip color. Smile You know, girly stuff. I love the eye shadow look I came up with. I go for something super subtle since I don’t wear a lot of makeup on a regular basis anyway. But that little bit of shimmer makes me feel so holiday ready! I also put together like, no joke, 16 outfits. It was such fun and I felt like a fashion designer, coming up with pairings and skirts and blouses that went together. It showed me how many options are really in my closet!
We went to the Thanksgiving meal in the afternoon. I love hanging out and fellowshipping with my great aunts and uncles. My Grandma has nine siblings, kind of similar to our own family. But, with all of them, the spouses for those who are married, and children, and my cousins, and us, there was about 54 people. Everyone is assigned something to bring, and a group of us helps prepare and get everything laid out. My job is to help pick the turkey! NO gristle or bones allowed! LOL! It is such fun cause we get to chat and hang out while we do that. After a fabulous meal, my uncles GREEN BEAN CASSEROLE and my Auties STUFFING! OHMYWORD. so good! Annnnywaaaay. After the meal, we clean up, which takes a while, then play games and chat. It was really just such a nice time. I got to tell my grandma that I named the Patsy Jean dress after her and that was such a special moment. Something else happened that was SO COOL! That I can’t wait to share about. After we all got home, we just sit around and talk about the night a little bit, then go to bed. It was such a great day and another special time for the memory bank.
Friday we celebrate with my mom’s side of the family, which is another story all together! Great food and some games and chatting.
The time we spent with family makes me even more thankful for them, the memories and time we get to spend together, and the great fellowship.
///Outfit Details///
Top: borrowed from sister
Skirt: Vintage thrifted $4
Tights: Walmart $5
Boot Socks: Walmart gift
Belt: Cato’s gift
Cami: Forever 21 borrowed from sister
Oxfords: Refresh Brand from Amazon $25
What did you do for thanksgiving?
By God’s Grace,