Portrait of Loyalty by Roseanna M. White
Genre: Historical Fiction
Publisher: Bethany House
Publication Year: 2020
Purchase and Synopsis
5 Stars

Portrait of Loyalty was a beautiful tale masterfully woven the way only Roseanna M. White can.

Her writing always leaves me breathless and stunned in the way that she can bring people from different backgrounds with specific quirks that filter into the way that they think and makes the characters distinct and put them together in a way that is so beautiful.

I found the themes and descriptions of WW1 politics, battles etc quite poignant and the parallels between then and what is happening now in our world was quite frankly eerie. From the socialism vs capitalism that pervaded the world at that time, the clash of powers and even down to the Spanish flu and the pandemic that swept the British Isles and other countries during the year of 1918 was incredibly similar to certain situations in the world right now.

But in that, the story of hope was so delightfully sprinkled throughout. The words of encouragement and the pointing of the way to the Lord was well written so as not to be overwhelming and take you out of the story, but to instead give it the uplifting that it needed in just the right moments. Without it would be to do the characters a great disservice.

Roseanna continues to remain my favorite current author. Her books never disappoint and it definitely helps that her last several series have been written in my favorite timeline of history. I cannot wait for her next literary release! I highly encourage you to check out this series and predecessor. If you enjoy historical fiction, you will not regret it. She writes the best out there.