Sometimes we have to let go. 

There is a time for chasing the promise. Chasing the result. Chasing the dream God has put in your heart. 

But you have to know, this life we see on the internet, the constant hustle, the constant pushing and striving to make those dreams a reality, while not bad, doesn’t show the whole picture. 

You didn’t see the time that person took off. The time God asked her to hand back her dream. The time He asked her to trust Him with the shaping and forming of her heart to better prepare her for what was ahead. You didn’t see the months of heartache, longing for the promise, but getting a firm and tender, “not yet.” You didn’t see the months of heart healing that the Lord did over her, the time spent on the floor in prayer, asking for the answer, for the next step, for the next moment. You didn’t see the waiting, the patience that was grown in her as she trusted and waited for the Lord’s timing. 

You didn’t see the pain she felt when others received their promise and moved on. The frustration she gave back to the Lord. The quiet trust that grew as He told her that she too would receive the promise, but that just like everyone else, His timing was going to be perfect. That to receive it now, it would be only a fraction of what she had hoped for. The promise in its fullness must be waited for till it is completely ready in order to be able to enjoy and flourish in its fullness. 

You didn’t see the attempts to try. The times she fell on her face and wondered why it wasn’t working. The times she felt her heart hurt as she was rejected and told no. The times she chased after something else, hoping it was the answer, only to find that she needed to wait.

Just because you see all of the new, don’t forget that there was a time she was asked to wait, to hand her dream back to God and let Him carry it. 

As you do the same, know that your patience will be rewarded.