It has been frigidly cold here in Michigan this past week. Well frigid is really relative. Like 10 degrees. Surprisingly it has actually been a rather mild winter. Very little snow. We have gotten upwards of 5 feet of snow on any given snowstorm. Not so much this year. Just little flurries, and then winter takes a break to melt everything, then dust the ground with a little bit more of white fluff. On one hand I miss the feet of snow we can go outside and flounder around in. I miss that white wonderland. But, on the other hand, I am thankful for the lack of snow we have had because it has allowed me to have a little more freedom. I can drive. Usually, if the roads are snowy and icy, I would stay home, but I have been able to be out and about quite a bit.

Back to the outfit. Because it has been so cold, I decided to wear some sweaters a little more lately. We heat with wood in our house and sometimes it gets hot. Like t shirt hot. But not this week! It has been cold! Especially in the basement. Today to practice piano, I had to bring a heater, and wrap my legs up in a blanket while playing so I wouldn’t get too cold. I love the special cozy feeling of winter!



I layered a Denim shirt under my sweater and I love the effect! One of my necklaces is actually a whistle and I felt like Maria from the Sound of Music. Smile I feel like I need to round up some children, climb a mountain and sing “THE HILLS ARE ALIIIIIIIIIIVE!” I also love my Justin Cowboy Boots! They are especially awesome because I have had them for about 6 or so years. I got them for $10 from a flea market! Then, that seemed like a fortune, which cracks me up. They are the real deal cowboy boots and they fit my feet perfectly. They feel as comfy as tennis shoes now! We have been through thick and thin together! It was my birthday this past week and the other necklace was a present from my dear sister in law. She had it custom made with my verse for the year. I LOVE IT! It is so special because now I can carry a constant reminder of where my Focus is supposed to be. “Doing the will of God wholeheartedly and with my whole soul”. Isn’t it cool?!


Outfit Details:

Sweater: H&M brand $4 from goodwill

Denim Blouse: Ann Taylor $2 thrifted

Denim Skirt: Gap brand $3 thrifted

Leggings: Walmart $5

Cowboy Boots: Justin’s Brand $10 from a flea market

Whistle Necklace: $7 thrifted

Earrings: Claire’s $5

Nail’s: Sally Hansen’s Hard as Nails in the color Tough Love. I really love this color. It is such a pretty red that sometimes looks pink.


The weather, because it has been so cold has been conducive to skating! The pond is completely frozen and we have skated two days in a row! Such fun!



What do you like about winter?

By God’s Grace,