He is the only way. 

If no one has told you this or tried to peddle lies that there are other ways to heaven, ‘we just have to be good people’, “show love to those around us”. “They’ll get to heaven”. “Hell is a myth”. “Don’t let those other Christians scare you into thinking you’re going to hell”. “God loves everyone and won’t let you go to hell.”


Here’s the deal. In order for God’s love to be consistent with the realities of hell, we have to understand that He is also a just God. Justice is just as much a part of his nature as love is, and because He loves us, He is just in the way He treats us. Without partiality, every single one of us was on the track to hell. Without Jesus, we still would be. Because the reality is, we are all sinners. There’s no “being a good person” about it, we would all still be going to hell if God hadn’t sent His son down to earth to take the entirety of the punishment for our sins. 

But to get to heaven, you have to believe that. You have to accept Jesus as your Lord. Not yourself, not your good works, not any other prophet or supposed god. Jesus must be the Lord of your life if you are going to get to heaven and He is the only way. No if’s, and’s, or but’s about it. 

It’s uncomfortable. But I’m okay being uncomfortable if it means you know the truth. It may not be what you want to hear, and it may not be what gives your pride the most comfort, but He is the ONLY way to heaven. The ONLY truth. And the ONLY LIFE we can truly have in this world. 

So don’t whisper good words that tickle the pride and selfishness of others. Be the person who tells them the truth in love no matter what the consequences or reactions. Because it might just save someone’s life. Watered down and sugar-coated is one sure way to deceive a generation into thinking they can work out their own way to salvation. Christ is the only way. And He always will be.