The Paris Betrayal by James R. Hannibal
Genre: Historical Fiction
Publisher: Bethany House
Publication Year: 2021
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4 Stars

Sheesh! This book packed a wallop! If you love suspense/spy thrillers, you will absolutely love it. 

Something I’ve found in this genre is that most of those books are absolute garbage rife with content issues that drive me up a wall. I’m always on the lookout for niche material that doesn’t have curse words or sexual content throughout. And unfortunately, most of the books in this genre have this issue times ten. 

This was a refreshing breath of air into the genre, and the author is amazing at his craft! His experience truly shines throughout the book, and it’s incredibly obvious that not only does he know what he’s talking about, but he is also incredible at portraying the intensity of the spy genre. All while pacing it correctly, and giving the reader the intense desire to turn page after page. 

My only quibble with the book was the end. I feel like it got wrapped up a little too quickly, and it ended up feeling like a really sudden end with some strings left hanging in the wind. I would have loved a little more explanation, motivation, and wrap up in general, but that was my only complaint. I definitely saw the parallel between this book and the book of Job in the Bible. Nothing was in your face, but it was subtly inspired by the book in the Bible, and was therefore fascinating. I really did enjoy Ben’s character, and felt that I actually related to him quite a lot. 

If you want to read a clean spy thriller with all of the intense intrigue and page-turning suspense, then this is the book for you! Highly recommend!

*This book was given to me free of charge in exchange for my  honest review. The thoughts and opinions expressed in this review are my own and in no way influenced by the publisher.