It’s okay to be disappointed. It really is. Even if you know in your heart that the right decision was made, and you trust the Lord and His next move for you, it’s still okay to be disappointed. 

But don’t stay disappointed. Stand back up, let Him dust you off and get right back in the game. 

That changed plan, or dream that got sidelined is not disappearing. It’s just a ‘not now’. If something you’ve been holding onto tightly, been believing for, been standing in prayer for didn’t happen, it’s not His time yet. 

I’ve watched enough dreams come true for the people around me to know that His timing is exceedingly more beautiful than ours could ever be. 

Keep waiting. The longer the wait, the more beautiful, complete and perfect the promise fulfilled will be. Your determination to stand strong in faith, joy, and gratitude, even when it doesn’t look or feel like the best option, will reap you a reward. 

His good thing for you is infinitely above and beyond your wildest dream. 

So keep standing. Keep praying. Shake off the disappointment and sadness and get ready to march forward. The battle might not be over yet, and your heart still has a journey to make. Gather your strength, find your solace, comfort, joy, and peace from the source. Your Heavenly Father. 

Find your joy in the battle. Get excited to go to war. Your path ahead is planned for you from the beginning of time and He knows every twist and turn, even when you don’t. He wasn’t surprised by this even if you were. Get ready, it’s coming!