A love like theirs happens once in a lifetime. 

Most know I’m waiting. I’m not in a relationship, and I am content with where the Lord has me. 

Don’t get me wrong, This year has been . . . interesting. As my circle on the internet has widened the greater opportunity for those I know to start relationships, get married and have children has grown exponentially. Those are the dreams I have for myself, and to see others walking in what I know to be in my future can be difficult at times. I know God has a purpose, and I see so much destiny in this time I have as a single woman. It doesn’t mean that I don’t long for what I don’t have yet. Some days are harder than others. 

But I’m willing to wait because I have seen the fruits of a marriage so surrendered to the Lord and each other. I know what beauty can exist and I’m not willing to settle for anything less. 

I know I’m fortunate to have had parents that are so in love with each other and who ultimately turn to Jesus as the only answer in any storm. I know that isn’t something everyone has had and I don’t take it for granted. But I have also learned so much from their example and I know, without a shadow of a doubt, that this kind of incredible love, commitment and surrender is not only possible, it is our calling. 

Love takes work. It’s not sunshine and roses every second. It is hard, grueling, intense, and oh so painful to our selfishness. But the amount of destiny, purpose and spiritual growth that can come from it is unparalleled. Is it hard? Absolutely, but it is also the best example of “worth it” that I have ever seen. 

Dear one, take your time. Don’t be weary in the waiting. The Lord has so much purpose in this season and marriage is something that is designed by God and that He delights to see His children in. Don’t be afraid to hope. The dating pool may look shallow, but there is purpose in waiting for just the right one to come along. I believe it will be so worth it, and full of destiny and testimony.