These are the hidden gems of the fashion world. The items that nobody sees or comments on, the everyday necessities that make fashion greatness possible. Through much trial and error, here are the best that I have found. Here are my day to day wardrobe essentials included with links for where to purchase them and why I find them necessities in my wardrobe!

Camis ~

These are a must. Whether it be for layering under a not so modest shirt, extra coverage when something might be see through, or just for an added layer when it is sub freezing outside. These have been my go-to for literally 8 years. I don’t love Forever 21 as a rule because I feel like they tend towards an incredibly risqué look for teens, but these are so cheep, and when I can’t afford anything else, they are a must. Plus, they are just more comfortable than anything else I’ve tried. Even more expensive options. They are $2.90 a piece and I usually buy 10+ of them. Because I’m short, I do sew the straps up a little bit so I get the modesty that I am looking for, but taller torso’s might not need this extra step. Writing this post reminds me that I need to reorder, the ones I have are starting to wear out. LOL!

Leggings ~

These leggings are literally my favorite. I got them from Costco, but I linked to amazon because I found that they have them there too. They are usually only $10 a pair and they are the most durable leggings I have EVER found in my life. And I have been through a lot of them. I wear mine every other day whether that be to work under a dress (especially now in the winter) or around the house with a huge shirt because they are just that comfortable. They are thick, last for a long time, keep me warm, but I also wear them to exercise when I go out for gym class. They are just hands down the best leggings I have ever owned and the price is fantastic all things considered. I just seriously need some with pockets now. 😀

Socks ~

I know, socks aren’t super exciting, but some of em are just plain annoying, ugly, or they pinch my toes. These again, are hands down the best socks ever. I always get ankle socks because they go best in most of the shoes I wear and they don’t bulk up around my ankle like crew socks do. The Puma brand is my favorite because they last a super long time without getting stretched out, they are thick, warm and don’t fall off your feet inside your boots. Ew. I hate when that happens.
There you have it! Three of those behind the scenes clothing items that help me stay fashionable without having to worry about anything!
I hope you like this post! It’s nice to show the not so glamorous, because honestly, I feel like those things are super helpful, even if they aren’t all that inspiring. 😀
By God’s Grace,