Warrior Women.

God has given us women a unique battle field. We are the warring women of Zion, and our fight is on. 

Our characters and destinies are being assaulted by our current culture.

Feminism is eroding away at our calling, and we have been too asleep to notice. It is stripping us of the lovely and beautiful way that God created us to be and replacing our unique feminine qualities, with masculine, loud, harshness. Our softness is being erased and replaced with a diversion of our true purpose and calling. Our design for motherhood is being stripped from our bodies as the enemy convinces women to mutilate themselves either physically or spiritually. To become something opposite of the way they were created, or to completely destroy the life they carry. The enemy has so far possessed them that they laugh and mock at the idea of killing the human being that resides in them. 

I will not stand by while my sisters are being wooed away, dragged into pits of despair and self-destruction. Our calling and destiny will not be taken from us in the name of Jesus. 

“God Almighty declares the word of the gospel with power, and the warring women of Zion deliver its message “The conquering legions have themselves been conquered.    Look at them flee! Now Zion’s women are left to gather the spoils.” Ps. 68:11-12 

He has spoken the gospel and tasked us with delivering it’s message. I will not sit by and watch my generation be led astray, never to return to the Light. So I pray for the Holy Spirit to move. I allow Him to move and speak through me and I proclaim the gospel and deliver the message that he has given me. I urge you to join me. Together, the warring women of Zion shall declare Jesus Christ over all, proclaim His gospel, take back the land and gather the spoils. 

And the enemy will be left with nothing. Go get your sword.