Writing Prompt 086

Writing Prompt 086

A beautiful soul will always shine brighter than any beautiful face ever could.  Mary remembered the words her papa had whispered to her many times over the years. She touched the hard skin on the right side of her face and stroked from temple to chin as she...Read More

I Am Launching. . .

Hello, luvs! I have several things to announce today! But, before I get started, I wanted to let you all know that today is my birthday which is why I wanted to announce these things to you today! It feels like a party and I am so excited about BOTH of these ventures!...Read More

5 TV Shows To Strengthen Your Writing

As is typical for me when recommending any media, I wanted to warn you that not all content is appropriate for all people and to research and therefore watch with discretion and if you are under 18 with parental consent or supervision. I cannot vouch for all the...Read More

Writing Lies Part 7

“Said is Dead” People are going to disagree on this one with me. I just know it. Honestly though? I’m okay with that. This is a personal preference and, for the record, that is a part of my point. Whoever said that Said is Dead? You know, the whole scenario where you...Read More

Writing Prompt 071

He didn’t know how to tell her. After years of trying desperately to have a baby, there had been a small life in the womb of his beautiful spouse. With much trepidation, they had waited longer than most to announce their exciting gift to their friends and family. They...Read More

Book Review Etiquette/Tips

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2H4aTBSix6w&w=560&h=315] Video Notes for those who don’t want to watch the entire vid. Treat the author as a human being, they are someone’s family member, treat them as if they are yours. Stars: Stars mean...Read More