Finally! The day is here! The day that my little sister releases her lovely, tear inducing and heartwarming book to the world! It is now available for sale on amazon, so if you want a copy, go snag one over there! If you want a signed paperback, you can also order one here for only $10 with free shipping!

back story dump

As a writer and an author, Sarah Grace has been a third of the trio that makes up me and my sisters. They are such a supportive bunch, and I could not be more thankful for their love, the begging for more stories, and the constant adoration they have shown me. If I only wrote for them, it would be worth it. But that being said, I am so happy that Sarah Grace decided to delve into the writing world. I know they both have such beautiful stories inside of them. She swore she would never write a book. But when this story popped into her head, it was such a pleasure to see her go through the process. The creative fancies that float through your head, the joy and excitement at thinking of a plot device. The moments when your heartstrings hurt from all the pain and torture you are putting your character through. And then the glorious triumph of having finished a story! I try not to hold this against her, but she didn’t let me read it for quite some time as she wanted ‘to get it as perfect as possible’ before I did. *rolls eyes* as if I care. But when I did get to read it, my jaw dropped open. This was better than a lot of things I had read. She truly had a talent, and it’s not as if I didn’t think she had it in her, but sheesh! This girl can write! I even begged her to let me write a fan fiction spin off of my favorite character! And that is saying a lot. I don’t often delve into a series that much that I feel like I want to actually write more of the story myself. I feel so honored to have gotten to walk her through the process of all the publishing and marketing specs. She has done so fabulous with it all and I am so happy to introduce this lovely to you!

the book

lwy kindle cover jpg

(THAT COVER THO! Am I right?!?!?)

Available on Amazon

Piper Redding is a loner, but lonely. Everyone she loves has abandoned her and opening her heart to others is just asking for more pain. She can’t help but blame herself for her brother’s tragic death six years ago, and in her guilt, she shuts herself off from the world. No one could love her—not even the God who promised to be there for her but wasn’t.
For paramedic Ezra Bryant, failure is not an option. He’s had enough of it, and only by God’s grace is he able to put it behind him. But when a traumatic event brings Piper’s greatest fear and Ezra’s failures to light, can they use that event to allow God to mend their broken pieces? Can love triumph over fear, and grace over guilt?

the author

author image

obviously I’m biased, but isn’t she precious!?

Sarah Grace Grzy is a voracious reader, and if it weren’t for this crazy thing called ‘Life,’ she’d be tempted to spend all her days in front of a wood stove, book in one hand, coffee mug in the other.

A lover of learning, she finds enjoyment in many things and has more hobbies than she knows what to do with. Sarah Grace is a freelance web and graphic designer, and when not working, spending time with her ever-growing family, or reading, she can be found painting, playing the piano, or fangirling with her sisters and friends. She inhabits the State of Great Lakes, and wouldn’t want to live anywhere else—unless it meant she could have a baby penguin, in which case, she’d gladly move to the South Pole.

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blog tour

So many awesome people came on board for this tour and there is a TON of awesomely exciting bonus material with interviews, character interviews and lots of reviews! This is one highly rated book, I’m just saying. Also, on the last day of the tour, February 22nd, that also happens to be Sarah Grace’s Birthday. We are going to be having a HUGE birthday bash on my blog right here that day! Extra, random giveaways, super fun interactive material as well as extra behind the scenes content! SO make sure you come back on the 22nd, if only for birthday cake and to say hi. 😀
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There you have it! Now excuse me while I go read Live Without You again. 😀
By God’s Grace,