Declarations for Breakthrough by Jane Hamon – 5 stars

My mama loved this book! I saw the foreword by Dutch Sheets who is a giant in the faith and a father figure that I love to listen to nearly every day and found that this book aligned with so much of what I have learned from Him. Every Christian should understand the power of their words, and the power that they have been given as a child of the one true God to speak His words. Just as God spoke the world into being, we have the ability to partner with Christ, the words that He spoke, and declare them over ourselves, our families, and our world. Highly recommend this book! 

50 Pentecostal and Charismatic Leaders Every Christian Should Know – 5 stars

This book was so cool! I literally shortly before this was expressing to my mom that I would love to find a compilation of these stories, and then got the email to get a review copy a few short months later! These stories are incredible for the way that the Lord has worked through His ministers over time. If you want to see the past revivals, and ways God and His spirit have moved over our land, then you will definitely want to read this book! It is a faith-building book full of testimonies of happenings that modern Christians believe relative to bible times. The scripture is clear that we as believers are to walk in these signs in wonders and this book will encourage you to realize that God is the same yesterday, today and forever and his miracles and wonders are not to be relegated to bible times only. Highly recommend it! These short stories would make great “after dinner” reading/discussion! 

Kingdom Men Rising by Tony Evans – 4 stars

I got this book for my dad to read as it is obviously geared towards men. The men of God are called to a higher standard than our world would have us believe and would make an amazing study for a bible group or even individuals who are looking to take their relationship with the Lord more seriously, go deeper in depth with the Lord and learn about Godly leadership, stewardship and discipleship. An incredibly gentle and readable approach for young men who are wanting to learn what their purpose is, and walk in greater faith and strength. 

Raising Spirit-Led Kids by Seth Dahl – 5 stars

I was actually super excited about this one! You are probably wondering why as I have no children of my own, but I love kids and am always looking for opportunities to sow into the little ones around me and encourage them in their faith. There is such power about little children and the easier access they have to the Father. When Jesus spoke about letting the little children come to me and other verses in scripture admonishing us to be more like children, there is an innocence and a lack of distraction that they have when it comes to speaking and hearing from the Lord. I also saw it as an opportunity to prepare myself for when I do have kids. This book is an incredible resource for parents and even those of us who sow into kids to really get some practical and theological backup for teaching them in the ways of the Lord. God spoke to Samuel when he was just a boy and I have seen and heard so many amazing stories of how God speaks to our little ones. Don’t be too quick to throw out what they say, you never know when they are speaking the words God gave them. Definitely check this out if you are wanting to encourage your littles to grow in their relationship with the Lord! Children have so much power and it would be terrible for us to write them off as being too little to understand. Honestly, they probably understand more of the spiritual than we do. 

Bible Promises and Prayers for Children by Bill and Beni Johnson – 5 stars

This sweet little book is such an amazing tool! If I had a little one, I can see this being something we would go through at bedtime. With a tiny little devotional, not too long to lose your little’s and then some actionable steps with each one, it is such a powerful tool to help  them grow in their identity as a child of God and to walk in the destiny that He has planned for them. Each devotional has a section with a few questions to ask your child, then a prayer you can pray together, a declaration to speak as a reminder and then an action step that encourages them to walk in their calling. It’s never too young to train a child up in the way he should go and this is such an easy and simple packaged volume simple enough for the heart of a child, but full of such applicable teaching that I can find myself getting something out of it as well. 

The Good, The God, and The Ugly by Kathy Valloton – 4.5 stars

This book is turning into a fast read and is one that will build your faith. With a life full of chasing after God, Kathy describes her side of the story when it comes to walking beside a man and raising a family that is called by God and being taught to hear His voice and follow after it, even when it looks uncomfortable, scary and life changing. 

From the testimony of God completely providing for their start-up business, moving to the mountains to get out of the hustle and bustle of SoCal, to walking through the darkest seasons of anxiety and depression, Kathy shares some valuable truths about living a life surrendered to God, and looking for the good, even in the ugly. 

I have listened to her husband’s sermons many times over the last few years and heard his side of the story, so it was incredible to read her story as she served alongside Him and God used her in her own way in ministry, life and family. As a woman who looks forward to being a wife and serving the Lord alongside someone, this was a valuable look at the struggles and triumphs of living as a supernatural family in an anti-God world. Definitely recommend!

*These books were given to me free of charge in exchange for my  honest review. The thoughts and opinions expressed in this review are my own and in no way influenced by the publisher.