25 spoiler free facts

1 ~ I had never read Sherlock Holmes until after I wrote the book.

2~ The soundtracks by Hans Zimmer for Sherlock Holmes movies were the most frequently listened to while writing the rough draft.

3~I wrote London, then shelved it for 9 months before starting the editing process

4 ~ The rough draft took me 7 months.

5 ~ The idea that sparked the inspiration for the novel was the thought: What would it be like to be the sister of someone like Sherlock Holmes?

6 ~ The cover came out almost exactly like I had pictured it in my head. Only better.

7 ~ The Character of Kenton was not in the outline and simply sprang to being as I wrote. He will now be featured in a sequel.

8 ~ Olivia’s piano playing was based on my own musical repertoire.

9 ~ I swore to myself that I would never write a sequel and that this would only be a one off.

10~ I now have at least three more books in the series planned.

11 ~ London was originally going to be set in the mid 1920’s. I then backed it up to be set before WW1 during the Edwardian time period.

12 ~ Several scenes were swirling around in my head months before I ever decided to write them into a book.

13 ~ I actually have no idea when and how the ideas came together to form a book in my head.

14 ~ I outlined for the first time for London and found it immensely helpful.

15 ~  I injured my back and shoulder by sitting poorly at an office job, but still managed to continue writing on my novel almost every day.

16 ~ My friend Julia Erickson (who is also a published author) was the one who inspired me with the idea that I could write a novel too.

17 ~ My deadlines kept getting bumped, but I prayed through them, and ended up happy with when my book got published.

18 ~ I ended up totally flopping around an entire character and completely re-writing their entire story arc. (you can guess who)

19 ~ I cried through several scenes in my book. Wiping legitimate tears from my face and trying to see through them to write.

20 ~ My great Uncle proofread the copy for me.

21 ~ Without realizing it, Cyril’s personality (not his faults) is actually a lot like my younger sister.

22 ~ I contemplated killing a certain character, but could never go through with it, and now I feel like the story is better for it.

23 ~ To this day, only half of my family have read London in the Dark.

24 ~ Without realizing it, I patterned some of the characters struggles off of my own and didn’t know until after I wrote it.

25 ~ I did copious amounts of research on the fashion modes, clothes, and hair of the time period.

That wraps them up! This was actually a lot harder than you would think! Do you have a question about London in the Dark? Ask them below and I will feature your questions and their answers in an upcoming video!

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