Thanks so much to Ashley @ Bramblewood Fashion  for putting on this event! I am so enjoying participating!


I am going to start off with an apology. I was planning to wear this outfit, it was perfect and I loved it so much! AND. . . . I can’t find my flared jeans anywhere!!!! I am sure some of you can commiserate. I have been told everyone has had this problem at some point or another. I have looked anywhere they could possibly be and na-uh. My jeans have disappeared into the land of nowhere. I am sure they will show up sometime and they will be someplace so obvious they were probably right under my nose. Sigh. Thankfully though, the day I wore this outfit originally, I took some pics with a phone in my bedroom mirror. Not, the best photos and for that I am sorry!



I am Loving the BoHo vibes of this outfit. Lots of bracelets and the fringe/crochet top are my faves!!!






~ Striped Tunic ~ Gift

~ Fringe top ~ Gift from Cato’s

~Flare Jeans~ denizen by Levi’s ~ Thrifted $3

~Booties~ ThredUp $12

~Green Jacket~ Thrifted $1

~Watch necklace and earrings~ Antique market $8

~Bracelets~ Various places.

~Hat~ Forever 21 $14

~Purse~ Coach Brand~gift


What about you? Have you ever lost something you want to wear?


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By His Grace