So, I was reading one of those “blog post prompts things”. One of the options was to write about the “scariest moment you can remember from your life”. I had one of those last year, and I thought I would share.


 There’s the moment when you can see the road in front of you. Then that moment when you can’t. The sudden sickening rising of your stomach as the car flies fast, fishtailing, the view in the window swaying back and forth surreally. The realization that a large intersection is right ahead, with cars whizzing by sears through your gut. You can’t stop. No brakes. Then the heavy jolt as you roll dash-first into the ditch.

Then silence and your heart beating so hard you can’t catch a breath, and your ears hurt from the loud ‘thump-thump’ as your pulse races. Then the sudden thankfulness and joy. “Oh God I’m alive! Thank you Thank you Thank you!” Overwhelmed with the possibilities of what almost happened and it could have been worse.

Suddenly, a stupidly practical thought intrudes on your mind filled with joy and fear.

“Now what?”—


My brother and I were fine, and the car came away with only minor bending and denting. We were on our way to Hobby Lobby during what most would call a snow storm. In Michigan, you learn to drive in the elements, even though it is icy, snowy, and freezing. God has always protected us and He proved himself faithful that time. It was rather humorous later as I crawled out the back hatch of the little car and into the street wearing a long skirt. So thankful for a neighboring farmer who tried to pull us out (unsuccessfully, but so thankful for his heart).


Have you ever had a scary moment?

By His Grace,