Today I wanted to share one of my favorite outfits ever! You know the question that is like “describe your style in 3 words” ? I always have a hard time with those questions! I always think “three words! That’s it?! How am I supposed to do that?” I apparently have a very diverse style. It really depends on my mood. Sometimes I am a super classy gal, sometimes I am in a “free spirit, bohemian” mood. And sometimes I am in a prairie chic, or a vintage mood. Rule of thumb for me is, If I love something, I will wear it. That is kind of my thing right now. I LOVE the BOHO look and I always make my family laugh because I wear lots of bracelets. What can I say? You only live once and Bangles and bracelets make me happy!








I just love how this outfit turned out! I wore a pair of jeans and one of my tunic tops because the boho fringe top is a little short for my standards when paired with jeans. My hair had been braided overnight and was wavy, so I just recurled a few of the pieces around my face and put in my feather and bead clip in! I then, put on a lot of bracelets. (I won’t tell you that I am only wearing about 1/4 of my stash of bangles and bracelets Smile)


Outfit Details:

~ Fringe Top ~ Cato’s $gift

~ Striped Tunic Tank ~ $2 handmedown.

~Jeans ~ Old Navy $7 on clearance

~ Bracelets ~ Thrifted 1.99, gomodestly.com, Walmart, $3.88 Handmade, and flea market $2

~ Necklace/watch ~ $5 from antique market

~ Earrings ~ Made by me from Hobby Lobby $3

~ Feather Extension clip ~ $1 from Five Below

~Cami ~ Forever 21


How would you describe your style in 3 words? Could you?

Do you like the Bohemian look?


By His Grace,