I really love this outfit! It is super comfy, it has bohemian vibes, (which you know I like) and it is modest and practical without trying super hard. This tunic was a really great find. My mom got it and it didn’t fit her right and since it was on clearance and it wasn’t worth returning, she let me buy it from her. OH MY Goodness! I was so happy! It is nice and long but not with that super frumpy look and I think it is flattering.


The green jacket I borrowed from my sister (who doesn’t wear it). It is so funny. My sisters and I and now my mom all share clothes. Let me rephrase that. They wear my clothes. LOL! I am the one in the family who really enjoys shopping, putting together outifts and finding what works. The hunt is so fun to me! Looking for something that is modest, or old fashioned, or special (gotta love thrift stores) is my specialty. I find great enjoyment out of popping into a few thrift stores and trying on clothes. Inevitably when I get home and show my finds, the girls or mom are like! “OOH! Can I have that?!” I compromise and say “we’ll share”. That way, in my head, it is still mine! LOL! Though, there are a few things in my wardrobe that are MINE and no one else can wear. For instance, my 2 pairs of good jeans, and my favorite homemade skirt.


Now the complications of sharing things is that at a glance, the family doesn’t know who is who. One of my sisters looks like me, or I look like them when we interchange clothes. I think it is fun that we get to do that. When the girls come to me and are like “what do I wear?” I get to play fashion designer and dress them up in whatever is in the closet. It also is more convenient because we share 1 closet and 1 and a half dressers between us three girls, so we don’t have to worry about “this side is mine, the middle is yours, and that side is yours” We make do and I really am thankful for all of the character qualities that get worked on because we all have to share.



~ Tunic : from Kohls on clearance. $5

~ Jeans : Old Navy (these are the best jeans ever! and the only ones that fit me!) $35

~ Jacket: thrifted $3

~ Cami: Forever 21 $1.99

~ Bracelets: turquoise-thrifted $2 // Leather cuff-Genesis One Designs

~Necklace: thrifted $3

~Hat: purchased $7

~Flip Flops: $10 Flojos from Costco


Do you share your clothes? Do you like Tunics?

By His Grace,