I had this fabric in my stash for a while. I purchased it when it was on sale from Girl Charlee, my favorite knit fabric resource. They always have some gorgeous florals and if you know anything about me you know that I absolutely adore florals. This one was so pretty and after making a batch of headbands, I saved the rest for myself. I had the idea for this peplum, relaxed knit tunic top that I wanted to make and I decided to go for it. It only took me a few hours to draft the pattern and sewing it together was a snap. It took less than 20 min to have it assembled. This pattern was super easy and I can’t wait to make another one!


I sketched out my idea and gather my supplies.


I used kraft paper to draw out the pattern. It probably isn’t the most suitable pattern paper, but it is large, and readily available to me, so I use it. *shrug* You really can use whatever you have on hand. I have taped pieces of computer paper together before. So for the pattern pieces, I used a shirt that I knew fit me really well and that I loved on me. I just drew around the edges to create the patter. You can see the drawn out pieces below.


I then proceeded to cut them out.


This piece below is the back piece that will double as the front with the alternative, lower neckline. I don’t like being choked and I wanted it to have a nice scoop.


This piece is for the back of the ruffle.


I also double used the ruffle pattern piece. I drew an alternative line for the front on it as well so that I only needed one piece and the ruffles would be even. Below are the finished pattern pieces.



Next came cutting out the fabric! I scrimped and used as little of the fabric as possible and I still have a lot left!


The pieces ready to sew.


After sewing front and back together, I cut out a pocket and sewed that to the left front for some added cute detail.


Sewing the ruffle to the shirt.


And here is the finished product! IT didn’t quite fit me right. . . the ruffle wasn’t in the right place for me, but it fit my sister perfectly! She looks so adorable in it and she even has two pairs of jeans that match the colors in the shirt so perfectly! Overall, I am so stoked about how it turned out! My sister wears it quite frequently and I always smile when I see it on her. It was as if it were made for her. Open-mouthed smile







~ Top: Made by me

~ Jeans: thrifted $4

~ Flip Flops: Borrowed from me.


What do you think of this tunic? Would you make one?

By God’s Grace,