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Welcome to day two! Today is going to be a fun one, so grab your backpack, and mine and we’ll snack and chat about some awesome books that make us laugh! I would be more than happy to hear some of your favorite humor books, so feel free to chime in during the comments! I will be responding as much as possible, so if you comment and refresh the page a few minutes later, you might have already gotten a reply! egnpQDaA

There is something special about laughter. God even calls a joyful heart a medicine. True joy and laughter can cause physical healing, but more importantly, it is important to our spiritual and mental health. Here are five books that had me either splitting my sides, or just smiling for days after reading them.

Let There Be Laughter by Mary Hollingsworth

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This book is just chock full of fun little antidotes, stories, jokes etc that is just incredibly fun to read through. If I remember correctly, it was all family friendly and had a good Christian background to the humor. If you love funny stories, you will adore this book. Would make a great read aloud for those days when you just need your spirits lifted.


The Reluctant Godfather by Allison Tebo

The Reluctant Godfather: A retelling of Cinderella by [Tebo, Allison]

This charming tale is one that had me splitting my sides in laughter at the antics of it’s main character, Burndee, the Fairy Godfather. It’s an adorable re-telling of the classic Cinderella story and the humor throughout made it a book that never gets old.

A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court

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I actually read/listened to this one as an audio book from Librovox recordings and the gentleman who narrated it did a fantastic job of bringing Mark Twains writing to life. I found myself laughing out loud with my headphones in my ears quite often. The story of a then modern man magically going back in time to the time of the Knights of the round table, carrying with him all the knowledge that he possessed. So picture a man with the knowledge to create gunfire, railways, transportation, telephones, etc for the times of the round table. And they all think he is a wizard because of how “advanced” he is. You can see how this would get humorous.

Hazardous Duty by Christy Barritt

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I would just like to start off this entry by saying this book isn’t for everyone, and I probably am not remembering all the details, but this series is a little bit more on the gristly side of things. Gabby St. Claire is a freelance crime scene cleaner, so keep that in mind. But her approach to life had me literally laughing out loud. She is just such a humorous, normal human being and her thoughts and talk were just so hilariously awkward.

The Phantom Tollbooth by Norton Juster

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This book will delight the heart of everyone with it’s nerdy puns, hilarious turns of phrase and the amount of quotable moments. Digitopolis is a world where numbers rule and Dictionopolis is the place of words. With a talking watchdog/clock named Tock and a few other friends along the way, Milo must embark on a journey of self discovery and adventure to rescue the princesses of the two warring kingdoms and hopefully unite the land in unity.


There you have it! The five funniest books off the top of my head. Have you read any of these? Now it’s your turn! I would love to hear what some of the funniest books you have read are.

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