My friend did this Q&A on Facebook. It was a list of several sets of 4 things. I don’t have a Facebook, so I decided to do it on my blog and add or subtract to it a little! I hope you enjoy this! I am even going to tag some bloggers to participate if they want!

This is just to let you get to know me a little better. It is certainly not all encompassing, but it shares some fun and little known facts about me! One of the special things about blogs is how we get to know others and make friends with similar interests or beliefs. Maybe you could comment below! I would love to learn a little more about you!



Four places I have lived:

I haven’t lived 4 places! LOL! I lived 20 minutes away from where I live now until I was 2 and too young to remember, then we moved where we are now and I can’t really see us moving. Most people would consider us crunched into this little house with only 1248 square feet, but we are used to it and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love our little 2 acre slice of heaven out in the country with lots of privacy. The town is a small college town, but good! And anything we need is really 5 minutes away at a small grocery store, but there are three shopping towns within 20 minutes in any direction!


Four places I have visited:

1 ~ Florida (A fond but faint memory from when I was 9 and got to spend a week on the beaches. To us fresh water lovers, the salt water was so weird and my younger brother and myself realized we swim with our mouths open. We kept running to the water fountains to rinse out our mouths! Another thing I remember is that I got bit by a sting ray! Not stung, bit. I stepped on it and when I stepped off, it swam over my foot and bit the top of it. Needless to say, I wore water shoes the rest of the time. There was also a shark sighting at the beach we went to for two of the days. Uh. . . I’ll take Lake Michigan. It feels just as big and we don’t have sharks!)

2 ~ Williamsburg Virginia (I was only 9 but this history loving girl thought it was awesome! but my legs got tired.)

3 ~ Mammoth caves, Kentucky (I hated the cave bugs that looked too much like spiders to my young eyes. Even though the cave tour guide said that they were not arachnids. Look lady, I know a spider when I see one)

4 ~ Sharpsburg, Georgia right by Atlanta (to visit my bestie! And we got to go to the Georgia Aquarium! AMAZING! And me made a visit to Hobby Lobby of course!)

Me and Julia


Four TV shows I watch:

1 ~ Fixer Upper from HGTV ( love this one!)

2 ~ Chopped from Food Network (now I am hungry. Our family watches Food Network for entertainment! Now we are foodies and can all cook pretty well!)

3 ~ When Calls the Heart

4 ~ Little House on the Prairie ( we have all the dvd sets! All 10 seasons. I just recently learned that not all families watched this when they were growing up! LOL! Seriously, the best tv show ever!)


Four of my favorite foods:

1 ~ Homemade Focaccia bread with goat cheese, pesto, tomato slices and Himalayan pink salt sprinkled on top. ( you have to spread it on in that order, and incidentally, this is the only way I will eat raw tomatoes!)

2 ~ Steamed asparagus, chilled and wrapped in turkey slices with cream cheese ranch spread

3 ~ Corn Chex with a spoonful of homemade strawberry freezer jam and milk. (this is one of those childhood foods that I love!)

4 ~ pickle cucumbers fresh from the garden unpeeled!


Four things I like to drink:

1 ~ Iced coffee with a dash of cream and a hint of stevia.

2 ~ Mocha Frappuccino from Starbucks with half the sugar free syrup, and an extra shot of coffee. And of course I want the whipped cream on top!  (this is a treat and I only get this like once a month. . . my mouth is watering. In the winter, I drink the same thing in latte form)

3 ~ Lemon flavored Spritzer Water.

4 ~ Homemade Ginger Kombucha! I dare you to google that in case you have never heard of it! If you have heard of it, comment and tell me so I can embrace a fellow Kombucha sister!)


Four pet peeves:

1 ~ Selfish drivers. You know, those people who don’t seem to realize that they are required to share the road and get to their destination in the safest way for everyone possible? This might just be exacerbated by the fact that I drive a 15 passenger van and most people have to either pass me (despite the fact that I am going the speed limit) or not let me in to traffic.

2 ~ Frozen, then thawed strawberries. They get all slimy and just ew.

3 ~ Those people who seem to think that you have to go to college to be able to make anything at all good out of your life. As if I can’t stay busy at home. Why is it so weird that I trust God with my future and am waiting for him to guide me? If he wanted me to go to college, I’d be there!

4 ~ Scratchy pens. Need I say more?


Four wacky or odd things about me:

1 ~ I am a voracious reader and I have an unfortunate issue that when I read a word that I have never heard before, I can often say it wrong. For instance: Epitome. My pronunciation: epi-tome as in tone. Don’t even get me started on rendezvous. Try saying it the way it looks. Yeah, you get the idea. I have a list that my family likes to remember and laugh about! I still can’t get aristocracy right.

2 ~ I sometimes can’t find the right word, and work through a laundry list before I hit the right one, often getting frustrated in the process and having a red face. “could you hand me that comb, cup, I MEAN PEN!” I think this one is genetic because my mom does it too. Sometimes I sit there staring at my sister, just sputtering because the word I am trying to say won’t come out! LOL! It is probably kind of hilarious to watch!

3 ~ I love bracelets! the more the merrier! My friend teases me and says I like to wear bracelet sleeves since I like to layer them! LOL! Not quite, but they are really hard to resist if they are in my budget. Sometimes I can just drool over a rack of them.

4 ~ I’m allergic to horses. I would get hives, my eyes would itch, water, and swell, and I would sneeze my head off. Which for a while was pretty sad because I love horses. but, I can usually deal with it if I take an allergy pill, and don’t touch anything anywhere near my face after touching a horse. which means don’t rub my eyes, don’t rub my nose, don’t touch anything or scratch anything until I wash my hands. Then I just change clothes when I get home. I still have hopes of doing some horse things, and I have heard of people getting used to it after long periods of time.


Bloggers I nominate:

Melani from Reflections of the Heart

Ashley from Bramblewood Fashion

Madison from Minnie Muse


If you don’t have a blog, I would love to see some of your answers to these questions, so you can most certainly comment so I can get to know YOU a little better too!


By God’s Grace


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