The Jungle Book movie has a special place in my heart along with a chosen few other of the first Disney musicals. When I was little, we had very few VHS videos and the Jungle Book was one of them. I remember watching it over and over. I loved the fun songs, and to this day, even with not having seen the movie in quite a few years, I can still sing most of the songs from memory. As an adult, watching it again, I still giggled over some of the silly parts that I remember laughing at as a little girl.


That being said, I was so excited that they were making a live action version and it being one of my favorites, I can’t wait to see it. I loved the songs from it so much that I decided to do a medley. My sweet sister helped me record it and she did all the editing. Thanks sis! I hope you enjoy it. I had a blast making it and singing all my favorite tunes from the film.



By God’s Grace,