Living in relationship with God

I feel like I’ve talked on this topic before, but it has been striking home to me more of late. But, first, there is something that I must stress to you.

God is a relational God. What that means, my dear ones, is that He is seeking you. He is chasing after you, desiring you to turn to Him and to create a relationship with Him. He loves you THAT much. He wants to see your face, to hold your heart in His hands, to be in communion with your spirit. Not because he wants to keep tabs on you. Not because He wants to make sure you are doing all the right things. Not because He is waiting for you to mess up.

He wants to be in relationship with you your every waking hour because He loves you. Darling child, He loves you so much. Papa God is not a stern, unloving, arrogant God. He is the King of all Kings, certainly, but more importantly, He is a being that has so much Love within Him that keeping it to himself is not an option.

Have you ever stopped to wonder that the reason He created us as humans, with our ability to choose and our propensity for desires was that He could have someone to lavish is super-abounding, ever pursuing love on? Not because He needs us or feels lonely without us, but to shower with His love.

How precious is your unfailing love, O God! ~ Psalm 36:7

There was a teaching that we listened to recently that was about how God’s love was so abundantly fulfilled in His relationship with Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, that out of that abounding love, came his desire for communion with us. It was a beautiful picture.

Thing of it this way. When you are so full of love and happiness, how to you react towards others? Are you selfish? Cranky? Stern? Probably not. You start showering that love outwards when you are so full of it. God is the same way.

All of that to say is that God DESIRES a relationship with you.

What can we do to have a relationship with Him? How do we cultivate that communion? How do we experience His presence?

As much as this isn’t about a list of do’s and don’t’s, there are ways we can cultivate that relationship. Because let’s face it. Relationships take work. They take time. They take us putting aside our own selfish desires, and seeking after that person, that relationship. By spending more time in His presence, it is a natural reaction to WANT to spend more time there. I’ll be honest. I’ve been through seasons and I still struggle with this, but I have SO MANY THINGS going on, that I fail to take/make the time to spend one on one, no distractions, with my Papa. But seeking His face should be the most important thing. And again, it’s a win-win. By spending more time with Him, the desire to spend time with Him in the first place grows!

Invite His presence into your life. He is always with us, but be aware of Him. Pay attention and look for Him everywhere.

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Turn talking to yourself into talking with your Father. MAKE the time to spend in relationship with Him. People always say “I just need to find the time.” But the time isn’t going to find you. You fight for that time and make it, don’t just passively let it fly by. Time is running away from us. We need to make the most of it. It’s worth it. Every minute. Relationships aren’t easy, friends. They take time invested, love poured out, and a heart wide open. And honestly, nothing is more rewarding.

By God’s Grace,